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a man only lives once, but his fame lasts forever
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Dietmar, Equipoise and Sailfish

Visitors watching a casting

Goose on Millstone

Dietmar Drilling

Dietmar Patinering

Cutting the moulds

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Dietmar's work has been shown in 35 group exhibitions throughout South Africa. He has also held four one-man shows and participated in eight international exhibitions:

  • 1994 - Mauritius, "St Geran Hotel"
  • 1994 - Singapore, "Tresors"
  • 1995 - USA, Miami Beach, "Miami Arts 95"
  • 1995 - Switzerland, Basle, "Hotel Intercontinental"
  • 1997 - Singapore, Sentosa Island, "South African Fair"
  • 1998 - Portugal, Lisbon, - "Expo '98" - "The Oceans, A Heritage for the Future"

The South African government commissioned Dietmar to design and decorate the entrance of their pavilion with his art. Dietmar and his wife, Lesley, flew sixty-five bronze sculptures in the form of marine life and birds (weighing approximately 800 kilograms), to Lisbon and mounted them onto waterfalls and natural rock walls. It was one of the most photographed exhibits of the entire Expo. (May-September 1998).

  • 2000- Germany, Hanover, - "Expo 2000" (June - October 2000).
  • 2000- France - Antibes, "The World Underwater Festival" (Festival Mondial d'Images Sous-Marines)

Dietmar was invited by the organisers to exhibit his art. At this show, experts considered Dietmar to be one of the world's leading sculptors of marine life.

Dietmar has received the following awards:

  • 2000: "Presidential Merit Award" (Sanlam Krugersdorp Business Achievers Award) for his unique product.
  • 2001: "The Artists & Crafters Award" from Sanlam Mogale City Business Achievers Award.

Dietmar's sculptures are already included in many private and corporate art collections both here as well as in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States of America, Mauritius, Australia, Singapore, Russia, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Dietmar believes his life is a blessing, doing from home what he loves most and even making a living from it! He thanks God every day for his many talents. However, Dietmar considers his beloved wife Lesley to be his greatest gift. "For me, she is not only the perfect wife, friend, soul mate and lover, but also the most giving and talented business partner I could ever have wished for. Lesley does so much for me - just to mention a few of the things that she does - helping me in the studio, running our gallery, organising exhibitions, both locally and internationally, all the public relations and marketing, packaging and shipping of the sculptures, locating and fetching all the supplies from faraway places and doing all the administration work. In addition to all this she is a housewife and helps with the running of our farm, which is no easy task, and she spoils me in so many ways. There is very little time for Lesley's own pastimes that include gardening, flower arranging and pottery.

"I believe that behind every successful man stands a totally exhausted woman"

"To top it all, Lesley is passionately interested and involved in every one of my hobbies and interests. Her actual profession is that of a gourmet chef. She worked for many years in top restaurants and large hotels and this is where we originally met... Is this a not a match made in heaven or what?

In a totally unspoilt and beautiful countryside, built on a cliff, their cosy wooden house and studio virtually hangs in mid-air 40 metres above the Crocodile River.

From his balcony, with a telescope and binoculars, Dietmar can study almost all the birds he chooses to sculpt. These range from wild geese, herons, spoonbills and kingfishers to hornbills and even an occasional fish eagle.

Several romantic guest bungalows, an unusual pool built into the rocks, a beautiful large tea garden and outdoor exhibition area with a built-in carvery and buffet, a dozen different fountains and waterfalls with huge koi fish and fish from our river, a heavenly view over an untouched chain of hills, two gorgeous bays at the river hidden between steep cliffs and not to forget Dietmar's art make a visit to the Dietmar Wiening Gallery a treat not to be missed.

All the building projects on their property were designed and built by Dietmar and Lesley.

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